CYGG 2011 Day 3 Pictures

Woo hoo! More pictures…
Watching my skit…probably thinking, “This girl is crazy!” 
“Oh my gosh, what if Bobby doesn’t like me?!”
Quest for the Kiss!
Clue: There are so many boys, like fish in a sea, so it’s hard to find the right one. You need to find a spot where you can look down at the “fish” without getting wet.
Answer: The bridge over the fishing pond
Heading to the next location in their quest
Clue: You need to be patient and wait for God to lead you. Find a place to sit and relax.
Answer: Picnic tables!
I told them it wasn’t a race, but you know…
Clue: Sometimes you can’t tell if a boy is a good one unless you get to know him. Find a way to get close to the water – without jumping in!
Answer: Paddle boat
Seriously deciphering the clues
Our shirts from last year

Clue: Being in love is exhilarating! Like standing at the top of a cliff. Remember not to jump though! Find a place to look over the edge.
Answer: The little gazebo over the water
Clue: Sometimes it seems like finding the right guy is impossible, like fighting a giant, but everything is possible with God. So go find a giant!
Answer: A tree named Goliath (We just took a picture with him in the background because we were short on time, and he was really far away!)
Discussion Time

The home of Bill and Barbara West, who were kind enough to let us quest on their land



Their prize was a pearl necklace kit, donated to us by Warren Neville. The girls loved them!

Showing off the new necklaces…

If you want to know more about the pictures, check out the video from yesterday!