Be Slow To Accomplish Your Goals

Being slow … a good thing?

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When I spent three weeks in Zambia, Africa, the slow-paced lifestyle shocked me. I intended to start working at a school on my 1st day, but ended up sight-seeing for 3 days because some scheduled construction at the school kept getting put off. And the construction workers didn’t even contact the school. They just kept not showing up!

Especially in America, being slow is not considered good.

But as much as we may dislike it, God’s perfect timing is sometimes slower than we like, and that’s a good thing.


Waiting can purify motives & clarity.


When I was in high school, I wanted to drop out of school, move to California and be on the Disney Channel ASAP!

As I adult, I still like performing but I’ve realized I like writing way more, I liked the thought of being famous probably too much and that being in the Hollywood environment so young would not have been good.

My dreams of acting now are better dreams: I want to act because I like to perform, be creative and bring to life imaginary worlds. I want to work with other Christians to create quality, family friendly TV. I want to voice a Disney Princess and bring joy to little girls like Ariel and Belle did for me.

I am not encouraging you to slack off or be lazy. Don’t sit around and claim you are waiting for God’s perfect timing. Better motives and clarity can also come from trying and failing and learning as you go.

But this is a reminder not to tear yourself down if you are “behind” on your dreams.


God has a good plan for you, and while you are waiting for it, dream a better dream.

STSS: Does God Like How You Smell?

Ever have to track down something with your nose?

If you have kids or pets, you definitely have done this.

You get a whiff of something mysterious (or horrifying) and sniff around the house until you find a kid covered in peanut butter, the tub filled with expensive body wash instead of bubble bath, a dog or kid who has clearly forgotten their potty-training skills or worse.

Sometimes you can’t find the source of the smell, but your nose knows … it’s out there somewhere.

I had a friend over during the Christmas holidays and while we were watching TV, she said, “I keep smelling something really sweet.”

“The plug-in air freshener is right beside you,” Eric answered.

“Oh, I’m glad you can smell it. I’ve gotten used to it,” I said while thinking that my plan to sit her by the air freshener so she’d think I’m an excellent homemaker paid off. Mwa ha ha! (That’s an evil laugh, btw.)

Although she couldn’t identify the source, she knew there was something that smelled great in the house. Did you know that Christians can give off a great scent as well?

And no, I’m not marketing a new perfume for Christians!

shareasimage (1)


Ephesians 5:2 says, “Live in love, as Christ loved us and gave Himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.” When we live in love, we are a good smell to God which means if we’re not living in love …

We stink.

Simple Truths from Simple Stuff new

Simple Truth: Our actions are like fragrances. They either entice or repel the people around us. 


Hearts are won and minds change when God’s radical love is evident in our everyday lives. People may not be able to point a word to it, but they will be drawn to it just like their nose leads them to the funnel cake stand at the fair. When we are judgmental and self-righteous, people will keep a wide berth from us and our God just like they detour around a dumpster. If we are apathetic and self-absorbed, we lack any sort of fragrance and impact.

Consider the fragrance of your life. Are you the beautiful rose enticing people to search for the source of goodness in our lives, a reeking trash can or empty of fragrance?

To sum it up short, sweet & ready to tweet:

Make sure your actions don’t stink up Christ’s name!


How To Accomplish It All

I don’t have a Bucket List, but I do have a Live Life to the Fullest List. Some of the items on there?

Disney Castle

Did that & about to do it again in May!

  • Swim with dolphins
  • Host a birthday party for my cat 
Card Carrying Cat Lady

Yep, I’m a card-carrying cat lady

  • Host a murder mystery dinner party
  • Skydive
  • Own an awesome mermaid tail (Did you know we can learn a lot about following Jesus from the Little Mermaid?)

Plus more. Sometimes I am confident I will accomplish all my goals and these fun items on my list, but other times, I think there’s just no way.

There are so many responsibilities sucking up our time, so many goals we hope to accomplish, yet so little time. So what do we do when we believe we’ll never get it all done?


Three things.

One) Remind yourself that life is made of seasons. You can’t do it all in this one season of life, but if you use your time wisely, you can do a lot within your entire life span. Maybe traveling the world will have to wait until retirement, but joining an art class can happen now. Or if you’re young and single, you could travel now while you have less responsibilities but put off learning to sew until you’re older. Choose what you want/can do now and don’t stress yourself about the rest.


Two) Laser focus on one thing at a time. Lasers are powerful because of their extremely concentrated intensity. If you can adopt the mindset of setting your sights on one task and concentrating on it until it’s complete, you’ll be amazed what you can get done. It’s hard to laser focus because it feels like we are slacking on other important things. But think of it this way: most of us have multiple partially completed projects and plans cluttering up our desks and minds. It takes us several weeks to do a bit on this and a little on that. Why not take one week and completely knock a job out? Then move to the next project. You’ll spend the same amount of time on the projects overall, but you’ll actually be finishing them.


Three) Learn to differentiate between important tasks and urgent tasks. We tend to put urgent tasks first because, duh, they need to get done urgently. Important tasks tend to make more of a real difference though. An example from me is that I gather Bible class materials as the first project in my work day because class is always coming up, but that means I leave things like planning for future big events or strategizing for later … and later … and later until suddenly it’s become an urgent task. Instead, I should spend an hour planning and then work on gathering materials. Do important things first.


Implement these three tips into your life today and you will feel less overwhelmed plus get more done!

STSS: Naked Squirrels & Giving Responsibility Away

Last week I had a horrible headache while at work. I normally don’t have headaches and was unprepared, so I went to my mother’s house searching for painkiller.

When I stepped out of my car, I immediately spied a small, pale, fleshy thing on the ground. My first thought was a feral cat had miscarried. The reason I know what kitten fetuses look like is a whole other story involving a young cat and my bedroom closet. But I had made certain that all the feral cats around my parents’ property were neutered.

Then I realized it was a very tiny baby squirrel, still hairless, eyes closed.

Image from: Found_wildlife.html Because I didn’t think to take a picture of the actual squirrel I found :/

When I picked it up, it squeaked and nuzzled my hand. I saw another baby about a foot away, but it was dead. These were way too small to have been hopping around and accidentally fall out of the nest. Something had probably happened to the mom and the hungry babies wriggled out of the nest looking for food.

I forgot all about my headache and went into rescue mode: “I need a heating pad, tiny blanket, shoe box, formula. I’ll have to go to Tractor Supply for the formula. I think I still have mini bottles here.”

Then I stopped. Having raised a three-day old kitten before, I knew how time-consuming this would be, and I knew I didn’t have the time. In addition, I was pretty darn good with kittens, but had no experience with squirrels.

I realized there was probably someone (hopefully close by) that would be better at this than me. 

Simple Truths from Simple Stuff newSimple Truth: You are not best at everything and you don’t have time to do everything. Do what you’re best at and don’t hesitate to enlist the help of others for everything else.

Delegating can be super hard, especially for people who naturally have leadership tendencies … and annoying busy-body people who like to be in everything, but that’s a different point. Despite the difficulty, delegating is such a smart skill to develop.

Romans 12:4-6 says, “For just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others. We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us …”

I don’t think any of us would want our pancreas doing our heart’s job, right?

In the same way, we should each focus on our strengths and let the other things go.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You can get amazing results if you are willing to bring other people in on your projects and have them lend their expertise.

Like with the baby squirrel, for example. I found out that Walker County had one wildlife rehabber and gave her a call. She was driving near-by and came quickly. She checked between the squirrel’s legs and said, “Congrats, you have a girl.” Then she told me a bunch of stuff about squirrels and how this one was bigger than some in the past she’s successfully rehabbed.

Yep, it sounded like I had made the best decision by giving that responsibility to someone else.

And I just want to take a second to say, isn’t God great? The Bible tells us that even the birds are under His watch and apparently so are squirrels. What are the chances I would get a headache, go home and find a baby squirrel in need of rescue? Like my mom said, “If there’s an animal nearby that needs help, somehow Tiffany finds it.”

Thanks for always leading me in the right direction, God :)

To sum it up short, sweet & ready to tweet:

You can’t be the best at everything so save your time & ask for help! 

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Your turn to talk: What are some of the talents God has given you? What are you best at? What do you need to delegate?

Improve Your Communication In One Easy Step

Are you ready? Here it goes, something super important you need to know …

Māo bǐ gǒu gèng hǎo

Of course you can only understand it if you speak Chinese.

Oh, OK, I’ll tell you in English:

Cats are better than dogs.


Image from 18.395450-Poll-Cats-Rule-Dogs-Drool

So all joking aside (although cats are clearly superior), my message wasn’t that important, but just imagine if it had been. You would have missed out because I made the bad decision to communicate in a language my audience probably wouldn’t speak.

But this isn’t about my communication skills. It’s about yours. How good of a communicator are you?

Most of us at least speak in the language our listeners know, but that doesn’t mean we do a good job communicating.

If you can’t communicate well, you’ll struggle with:


  • Recruiting people to help you with your goals & dreams


  • Leading a team of volunteers or employees


  • Presenting your projects


  • Even daily life with your spouse, family & friends

Not very conducive for accomplishing those goals & glorifying God! So here’s a tip for improving communication:

Say & ask exactly what you mean

A lot of times we tiptoe around what we really mean which only leads to problems. For example, last week Eric and I went to Chipotle. He asked me how I wanted to pay. What he really meant was, “Is it OK if I don’t use my gift card?”

I answered his unspoken question and said, “If you want to save your gift card for later, that’s fine. We can take this out of our regular restaurant budget.”

But if I hadn’t realized what he was asking,  I might have answered, “Well, we have a gift card.” He might go ahead and use it without explaining his reasoning for saving it because he would assume I had answered knowing he wanted to save the gift card. Then he might be upset with me, and I’d have no idea why.

Although there are times you shouldn’t say exactly what you mean (i.e., “Please give me a raise because I hate this job but really need more income.”), more direct communication often improves conversations.

Think about what you really want out of a situation and frame your question/statement around that.

For example, if you want your spouse to take you to your favorite restaurant this weekend, say, “Hey, can we go to {someplace delicious} Friday?” Don’t say, “I don’t really feel like cooking Friday.” That could lead to eating at your spouse’s favorite restaurant!

This concept becomes even more important when you’re working to accomplish your goals. Imagine which person would get a better response:

“I want to accomplish this goal by the end of the year. I think it will be easier with a good team if anyone’s interested.”


“I am looking for five people to help me with A, B and C. I think you would be good at this because {something awesome about that person}, and it would be great to have on your resume/help you improve a skill/connect you with some great people, etc.”

I challenge you to start saying & asking exactly what you mean this week. Pay attention to the difference it makes in how people communicate with you.

Your turn to talk: Are you the type who says what you mean too much or do you need to be more upfront? And most importantly, do you think cats or dogs are better, and why? ;)

STSS: Mug Shots & Long-Lasting Consequences

During one of my dad’s internet binges, he stumbled across an article about a woman from our hometown trying to start a singing career. The next time I visited, he said, “Hey, I think you went to school with this girl. Come see.”

He googled her name, and a picture of her, all smiley and with really great hair, popped up. I didn’t recognize her, but that’s not the direction this story is going in.

Another picture/article combo appeared below the first: a rather unflattering mug shot from her drunk driving arrest.

“Ouch,” I said. “That’s gotta be bad for publicity.”

She may have been making a new start for herself, but she couldn’t escape the consequences of the past.

Simple Truths from Simple Stuff new

Simple Truth: Think before you act because although God forgives, consequences aren’t always so forgiving.

We’ve all done dumb things we regret, and we are so blessed to have a God who loves and forgives us.

But what about those real life consequences? Sometimes they’re pretty costly.

It would be great if we could just always do the right thing, but life doesn’t work that way.

I’m going to give you a little tip that makes it easier to do the right thing. This tip works because humans tend to be naturally selfish and this method is all about protecting yourself in the future, which our minds love. In a moment of extreme temptation, we may not have the will power to do what’s right, but just get our survival instincts going, and our brains will shout, “Wait! This could be bad for us.” Suddenly, we have more reservations about carrying on.

So rather than living life as if it is all about now, think about your future. “Hmm, will this negatively affect my future?” should be the question in your mind every time …

  • You want to scream at your spouse instead of put in the work to communicate well
  • You’d rather stuff your face with doughnuts than stick to your healthy eating plan
  • You feel pressured to join your co-workers in bad-mouthing your boss
  • You feel the siren song of an old addiction
  • And so on

I love the way Taylor Swift thinks about it in her 2014 interview with Time:

“It’s the same thing as living your life based on what your grand-kids will say one day. I’m sure there will be things that my grand-kids make fun of me for no matter what, but I’d really rather it be, ‘Look how awkward your dancing was in the ‘Shake It Off’ video! You look so weird, Grandma!’ rather than ‘Grandma, is that your nipple?'”

Yep, that’s pretty good incentive for thinking ahead!

So to sum it up short, sweet & ready to tweet:

Consequences can have far-reaching effects. Think about those before you act.

Your turn to talk: Have you ever had to deal with some nasty consequences? How did you handle it? Any tips besides thinking about consequences for making better choices?

Practical Ways to Practice Bravery

We’ve covered the basics of bravery; we learned 7 tips to squash our fears; now it’s time to go out in the world and start putting our boldness to use.

Courage, like most things, improves the more you use it, so here are some practical ways you can practice being brave:

  • Identify an area that would normally make you run away in fear & confront it.


  • Smile and say hi to strangers around you in the grocery store, post office, office building, etc.


  • Start a conversation with someone – make this less intimidating by practicing what you can say in the mirror at home; it may sound weird, but it works!


  • Get excited about bravery by pointing  out small acts of bravery in yourself and others & applauding them – congratulate others externally & yourself internally; don’t go around bragging about how awesome you are!


  • Talk more about your desire for bravery – the more you talk about it, the more real it becomes; visualizing yourself as brave will help you make it real.


  • Stand up for and speak out about something that is important to you – maybe join an activist group or write a supportive letter and send it to local newspaper or proper government official.


  • Journal & hold nothing back – Write down all your dreams and goals as well as how you want to live bravely. Putting your feelings out in the open rather than secreted away in your heart helps you feel more secure about them.


  • Start a new hobby or skill – Get in a group of people who are better than you at something. It can be scary when you’re the inexperienced newbie, so pushing yourself to try something new that’s fun will put you more at ease for future times when you have to learn new skills or face new experiences.


  • Mess up your routine – Having a regular routine makes our brains so happy, but when we get too used to a pattern, any break in that pattern can cause us serious stress and fear. Make small deviations in your routine so you can handle unexpected changes. I advise you not to change your early morning routine. When you stress your brain by messing with your morning agenda, it can mess up your whole day.


  • Compliment people – we all think things we are too afraid to say, including compliments. If you verbalize a compliment each time you think of one, you’ll get more accustomed to speaking your mind. Once you’re comfortable speaking your mind, you can determine whether the things you think are things that should be said aloud!


  • Scream – ever have those horrible dreams where you can’t scream? Many people struggle with giving themselves permission to be loud or to stand out. Go in your room, close the door and scream. Allow yourself to be bold.


  • Add some flair to your outfit – this also goes along with the reluctance to stand out. Put some of your personality into your outfit. This can be as simple as a small piece of jewelry. For example, I am almost always wearing my Little Mermaid necklace.


Your turn to talk: What other small ways can you practice being brave throughout the day? Let me know how your bravery journey is going!


The Rest of the Bravery Series:

Basics of Bravery

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STSS: Cheap Nail Polish & The Distractions of the World

I growled with frustration and barely resisted chucking the cheap nail polish across the room. It was super streaky and the brush got clumpy so easily. It was turning a ten minute manicure into an hour long torturefest.

Of course it did cost 99¢; what did I expect?

Once I finished one hand, I knew I never wanted to go through that lengthy, frustrating process again. I decided to give or throw the polish away. But when I looked at my nails, I thought, “Gosh, it really is a pretty color, and I did finally get it even. Maybe I’ll keep it. It wasn’t that difficult to use, was it?”

I started my other hand and immediately remembered, “Yep, it’s that bad.”

I had forgotten my frustrations so quickly because the beauty of the end result distracted me.

Simple Truths from Simple Stuff new

Simple Truth: Pretty, shiny things look good, but beware – they can distract you from your purpose & put you through a lot of crap.

Alright, an example that makes this concept really easy to understand is a desperate teenage girl who wants to emulate the most popular girl in school or She! Will! Just! Like! Die! She sees the perfect hair, makeup, clothes and the hunky boyfriend and knows she wants it. But she doesn’t realize what it takes to get it – the sleep sacrificed to attain picture-perfection every day, the money to buy the right clothes and products, and quite possibly letting her boyfriend act like a jerk (because it’s high school and what hunky teenage boy isn’t a jerk?).

And those are the costs of maintaining what the popular girl has already achieved; it would cost the desperate girl twice that because she has to work her way to that point. While she’s obsessing over the perfect shade of lipstick, burning her head with a straightener and sitting at the end of the popular table awkwardly laughing too loud at all their jokes, she’s missing out on quality time with her best friends, has stopped saving money for art supplies (or whatever cool talent she had going for her but doesn’t appreciate) and is totally missing her chance with her guy friend that she’s never been interested in but has a heart of gold.

Total chick flick fodder, yes, but it also applies to our real lives.

You don’t want to get distracted from your purpose chasing after shiny things. Jesus said, “And this world is fading away, along with everything that people crave. But anyone who does what pleases God will live forever.” 1 John 2:17

Share your main goals and values with a close friend who can tell you when you’re straying from the path. Ask God to keep you focused on what matters. Keep things in perspective by developing an attitude of gratitude. If you do start to chase after something shiny, take the hint when the crap starts piling up; don’t pull out an umbrella and galoshes and just keep slogging through. Evaluate and be honest with yourself if you’ve gotten off track. This is where an accountability partner can come in really handy. You can simply ask, “Have I lost sight of the purpose I shared with you?”

To sum it up, short, sweet & ready to tweet:

Shiny things distract. Don’t get caught in that trap! 

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Your turn to talk: What is your purpose in life? Your top goals? What most often distracts you from them? And just for fun, did you ever try to recreate yourself in high school? How did it go?

7 Tips to Squash Your Fear

Here chickens, chickens, chickens.

Are you tired of being afraid??

You should be because fear is awful, and it holds you back from so much. To recap some of the things increasing your courage can do for you, visit this post.

Now if you’re ready to squash your fear and do the awesome things you’ve always dreamed of doing like pursuing your dream job, trying a new activity like skydiving or surfing (which I’d never do because no matter how well I conquer my fear, I’m just not taking the chance of having a shark take a chunk out of me!), saying what you really think no matter who’s listening or eating pounds of cheesecake – wait, that has nothing to do with fear, just self-control – check out these tips:

7 Tips for Squashing Fear

1) Admit your fear. You don’t have to tell anyone else, but just say it out loud. Verbalizing the fear can actually make it less scary.

Ex) I’m scared of spiders because they’re so creepy and I’ve never been bitten by one so I’m not sure how much it hurts. BUT realistically, I’m probably not going to die from a spider bite and they’re not going to become giant 8 legged freaks who want to eat me. I can just step on them.

FYI, I’m not afraid of spiders. I think they’re (mostly) beautiful. Prince Eric, on the other hand, hates them.

2) Get inspired by others’ bravery. Find a role model that you can look up to and do some research on them. See how they overcame fears and obstacles in their lives. Bonus if you actually know this person and can ask for advice! Read biographies of brave people in history. This can also help put things in perspective for us sometimes as in, “Hmm, I guess my fear that everyone will mock my idea isn’t as bad as worrying about hiding from the KKK. Who knew?”

3) Get fed up with fear! Fear is an incredibly paralyzing emotion, but there is another emotion that can kick fear’s butt: anger! Think about how your fear is destroying your goals, holding you back from what you really want and making you a person who talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk when it comes to your beliefs, i.e., “Yes, it’s so important for Christians to pray together! Oh, you wanted me to lead a prayer for all of us now. Um, never mind; prayer isn’t that important.”

When you get angry, you can do things you wouldn’t normally do. Word to the wise: Don’t go crazy with this one. If you hulk out and do everything in a state of anger, you’re just going to be an idiot, not brave.

4) Relax. Fear loves itself so it makes more and more fear so they can go crazy having a fear party in your brain. Even when you are afraid, you can work on controlling your body so that fear reactions, such as shortness of breath, tight muscles, etc., decrease. If you can calm yourself down, you can still choose to act despite your fear.

5) Expose yourself to things that cause you fear. Kind of sounds like Fear Factor, but no, the key is to do this safely and slowly. Not like this …

Fear Factor Moments

Research has shown that fears do decrease when a relaxed person (See! Relaxation is important.) is exposed to what scares them in stages. I mentioned before how I’ve decreased my fear of singing in front of people by first starting off with karaoke at a family venue and am now taking a group class.

5) Realize that bravery is several tiny decisions instead of one big, scary decision. Don’t get overwhelmed. If you want to find a new job, don’t think you have to turn over your boss’ desk and quit today in a spectacular blaze of glory. Think baby steps. Search for a new job (which can be broken down into smaller steps as well). Write your resignation notice (or whatever your business’ policy is). Turn it in.

Each step you take pushes you further toward the big goal and before you know it, the scary thing you dreaded is over. I know for a fact this works because I’ve done it several times – not quitting my job, but the small steps trick.

6) Focus outward rather than inward. Obsessing over self feeds fear. “If I share my idea and the rest of the office doesn’t like it, they’ll think I’m dumb;”  “If I stand up for that nerd, the cool kids might turn on me;” “If I try this and fail, people will think I’m a failure.” But if you turn your focus on God and others, those fears aren’t as important. The consequences of not doing the think you’re afraid of actually becomes greater: “If I don’t share my idea, I might miss an opportunity to help my team;” “If I don’t stand up for that nerd, I’m not loving him the way Jesus would;” “If I don’t try my idea,  I’m wasting the talent God has given me.”

7) Reduce the uncertainty in the situation. This is one of my favorite suggestions. It’s so helpful! Humans fear the unknown. The more you can learn about a scary situation, the less scary it becomes. For example, if you were auditioning for a play and had never done so before, you could Google auditions to learn how it will most likely go. Most plays have multiple days for auditions, so you could go the first night just to watch. You can apply this practice to almost anything.

Now you have 7 ways you can battle fear, so get out there and start squashing those fears!

The rest of the Bravery Series:

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STSS: When Your Brother’s Too Heavy To Carry

In previous years, my siblings rode the bus to the school my mom worked at. From there, they would drive home together. One afternoon when I had gone to pick them up (probably because we were having car trouble), my little brother, Kaden, decided he wanted to stay at school (Something I would never do because I hated school for a long time).

Why? Who knows? Kids do weird things – like fight over a mutilated toy named Poopoo Nikki-Boy.

He threw a huge fit in Mom’s class room. Parents out there, I’m sure you know the kind, when you’re just hoping you get out of public fast enough before you die of embarrassment. Mom had to carry him out kicking and screaming.

Since then, Kaden has learned to control his emotions and doesn’t throw as many fits. Good thing, because he’s getting harder to carry. He’s on his own to do the right thing and follow Mom to the car or run like a crazy person in front of moving vehicles – Yeah, God definitely has been watching out for him.

We all have people in our lives we love and want the best for, but just like with Kaden, we cannot carry them. We can pray for them, encourage them, point them in the right direction and sometimes even hold them accountable, but we can’t drag them along with us on our life journey.

Simple Truths from Simple Stuff new


Simple Truth: We can only control our own actions. We have to let other people make their own decisions – even if it’s bad.

I know it’s hard. It is tempting to drop everything you’re carrying – responsibilities, goals, family duties, personal happiness – and try to carry your loved one instead.

But it’s not really possible, and it only slows you down.

Remember when Jesus called His disciples to follow Him? They left everything behind. They didn’t say, “Well, let me just grab my dad, my childhood friend and this pretty girl I met the other day. I’m pretty sure they can keep up.”

They left everything. If you’re growing closer to Christ, I guarantee you that you will sometimes have to “leave” others behind. If you want your spouse or parents or whoever to be closer to God, too, pray for them, but you can’t force them to be the person you think they should be. Don’t slow down your progress by worrying about someone else.

This also applies to your personal and business lives. Goals don’t get reached when you’re trying to drag someone along to the top. If your loved one is not interested in improving finances, increasing skills, improving health & fitness, working an extra hour each day on a personal goal, etc. then do it by yourself anyway.

You can make this process easier on both of you by communicating openly about your goals and hopes. Share your goals and tell your friend/spouse/coworker you’d love to work on things together, but if he’s not interested, you’re going to keep up your momentum. Don’t hold back from being the person you are meant to be because you’re waiting for someone else to catch up.

To sum it up short, sweet & ready to tweet:

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Don’t miss being who you’re meant to be because you’re carrying those who don’t want to be carried 

Your turn to talk. Are you currently slowing yourself down by trying to take care of somebody else? As a Christian, how do we draw the line between helping others & carrying them?